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On 24th August, 1997, ‘Gadag’ emerged as a new district. In the fields of art, litreture, culture, spiritual and industry, Gadag has its own heritage since long back. It is also a tourist place with greenary and being visited by many nature-lovers. In the north border flows Malaprabha and in Southern border Tungabhadra. Other than these Bennehall joins Malaprabha near Ron. Throughout the district, black soil is prominent but red soil with sand is also there in some parts. It has moderate temprature weather is pleasant and healthy. The maximum temperature is upto 42 degree centigrade in the month of April and May and minimum degree of 16 centigrade in some months.

Gadag is a city in Karnataka state in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Gadag District. Gadag and its sister city Betageri have a combined city administration. Gadag immediately brings to mind the name of Narayanappa, popularly known as Kumaravyasa, the author of Karnata Bharata Kathamanjari. It is the classic Mahabharata in Kannada. Narayanappa was born in the nearby village of Koliwada. He composed his work sitting before Lord Veera Narayana, his chosen deity. The temples of Veera Narayana and Trikuteshwara are places of religious and historic importance. The blind singer Pand.Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawayi belonged to Gadag. His music school (Veereshwara Punyashrama) is famous. The Tontadarya Matha of the Veerashaiva sect of Hinduism is engaged in many educational and literary activities in and around Gadag.

There is a legend about Gadag that if you throw a stone in town it would either land at a printing press or on a handloom. Gadag has a lot of printing presses including the Hombali Brothers and the Shabadi Math Printing Press. Betageri, which is an adjacent town to Gadag, is famous for handlooms. Gadag has been a important seat of Hindustani music in north Karnataka, and is home to the Hindustani singer Bharata Ratna awardee Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.The modern Kannada literature and a freedom fighter Shri.Huilgol Narayan Rao, Pandit Puttaraj Gawai One of Gem from Hindustani classical tradition and our well known cricketer Sunil Joshi.

Roads are one of the basic means of transport which requires to be developed in the district. All indicators pertaining to road in the district are below the state average. Length of different categories of road in the district is as detailed below:

Road Indicators
Sl.No Particulars KMS
1 National Highways 103.57
2 State Highways 683.42
3 Major District roads 1179.19

Agriculture Profile

Thrust Areas

  • Increasing are under irrigation
  • Storage facilities, food processing units post harvest management facilities
  • High export potential horticulture crops and floriculture
  • Development of seed industry
  • Introduction of new crop spacies of medicinal, aromatic and dye yielding plants
  • Bio-fuel extraction plant

Major Crops

  • Major Cereals – Wheat, Jower and Maize
  • Pulses – Bengal gram, Green gram
  • Oil Seeds – Groundnut, Sunflower
  • Commercial Crops – Sugarcane and Cotton
  • Horticulture Crops
  • Fruits – Mango, Sapota, Banana, Grapes, Pomegranate
  • Vegetables – Tomato, Onion, Brinjal, Chilli
  • Plantation Crop – Coconut, Palm
  • Medicinal and Aromatics – Amla, Ashwagandha, Citronella and Lemongrass

Key Enablers

  • Presence of 2 agro climatic zones – north dry zone and north transitional zone and presence of both black soil and red sandy soil provides scope for cultivation of large variety of crops
  • APMC yard (State Warehouse) of 7004 MT is present at Berageri
  • Constant increase in area under irrigation has improved the productivity of the district.
  • District comprises of good infrastructure for agriculture marketing
  • Moderate rainfall patten encourages the growth of short/long duration crops and for adopting mixed and inter-cropping
  • 65% of the land holding are small and semi medium
Crop Pattern and Land Utilisation Chart











Industry Profile

  • 5 Large and Medium Scale Industries with aggregated investment INR 5,385 CroreIndustry map
  • 8,088 Small-Scale industries with aggregated investment INR Crore
  • 94 Factories, 6 industrial Estate & 1 Gadag Co-Operative industrial Area are present in the district
  • Steel Zone is proposed in the district
  • • 3200 acres of land identified for investment opportunities in Jantli, Shirur, Petalur, Telagi and Mevindi villages of Mundaragi Taluk

Natural Resources

  • Quarts
  • Iron Ore
  • O B Sand
  • O B Clay
  • O B Stone
SL. No. Industrial Area Extent (Acres)
1 Narasapura 165.75


SL. No. Industrial Estate Extent (Acres)
1 Gadag 11.92
2 Betageri 18.20
3 Ron-ROn 5
4 Gajendragad 5
5 Lakshmeshwar 9.15
6 Mundaragi 7.26

Potential Sectors

Agro and Food Processing Units | Textile & Printing | Wind Energy | Mechanical Industry | Tourism | Sugar Industry | Metal Products | Machine Tools |
Furniture and Paper Products |

Power and Water Profile


  • Power generation is handled by various organizations like NTPC, KPTCL, etc and wind mail in Gadag.
  • Transmission and distribution in the district is being done by Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM)
  • BPCL has got allotment for 42.5 MW Wind project in Gadag District
  • Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd is proposed to build a 8.9MW wind farm in 3 phases
  • Enercon has set up 22.8 MW wind power project
  • Tata Power registered its 50.4 MW wind project at Gadag, under the Clean Development Mechanism


  • Barring north and north western part of the district which is irrigated by canals, the district depends largely on ground water recourse for irrigation
  • Nargund and Ron are covered by canal irrigation from Malaprabha project situated in the adjoining district
  • The net irrigated area to the net area sown is 19%

Tourism Profile

Trikuteshwar Temple

Trikuteshwar Temple Built by the early Chalukyas between 6th to 8th Century AD, bears rich evidence of the majestic Chalukyas Architecture and is a wonderful structure with its fine architectural beauty. The temple is dedicated to Saraswathi, Godess of learning.

Veeranarayana Temple is a beautiful mixture of Chalukya, Hoysala and Vijaynagara sculptures, Garbhagruha and the top tower of the temple are models of Chalukya architecture, Garudagamba and Rangamantapa are in the manner of Hoysala architecture.

Dambal, famous for its grapes and guavas, lies 20 kms from Gadag and boasts of many fine temples – the best being the Dodda Basappa temple.

Lakkundi was once an important centre for religious training, today has several temples of Kalyani Chalukya style. THe beautiful Kashivishwashawara temple is exquisitely decorated with wood and stone carving, scroll work etc.


Social Infrastructure Profile

Educational Institutions No.
Degree Colleges 19
Engineering Colleges 3
Ayurvedic Colleges 4
ITI Colleges 25
Polytechnic Colleges 7
PU Colleges 93

Key educational Institutes

  • Gadag Institute of Medical Science (GIMS)
  • K.L.E Society’s S.A.Manvi Law College
  • Rajiv Gandji Ayurvedic Medical College
  • J.N.Fine Arts College
  • V.D.S.College
  • R.T.E Society’s Rural Engineering College
Healthcare Facilities No.
Indian System of Medicine Hospitals 4
Private Hospitals 482
Community health Centers 2
Primary Health Care Centers 39
Government Hospitals 47

Potential Industries Profile


  • Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL) has a 4,555 MW wind power project under implementation in PPP mode.
  • Power Company of Karnataka Ltd(PCKL) has a 700 MW gas based poer project under implermentation in the district.

Agriculture & Food Processing

  • This sector provides the highest employment opportunities in the district
  • Approximately 40% of the total SSI units in the district are engaged in Agri & FOod Processing
  • Proposed agri investment region is in this district


  • Presence of MSME cluster in powerloom provides an ideal ecosystem for the sector
  • Presence of textile training colleges provides for a large talent pool reserve which gives this sector an added advantage in the distict


  • Metal ware : Presence of artisan cluster in this sector provides the required impetus for the sector