GADAG DISTRICT : History – Geography

On 24th August , 1997, ‘Gadag’ emerged as a new district. In the fields of atrs,literature, culture, spiritual and industry, Gadag has its own heritage since long back.It is also a tourist place with greenery and being visited by many nature-lovers.The temples with enthralling sculptures Basadis, ancient monuments, artists, painters, musicians of international fame, reknowned poets, writers, playwrights, actors, directors, spiritual leaders, seers, scholars, social reformers, religious pivots who take people in good path – all these have enhanced the internal richness of Gadag District.

Ganga-Tunga Statue Gadag

Territorial Acquaintance

Gadag district is located at the North of Karnataka lying in between 15.15 and 15.45 North latitude and 75.20 and 17.47 East longitude. The district has Koppal district at its East, Dharwad district at its West, Bagalkot district at its North and Haveri district at its South.

With moderate temperature, wheather is pleasant and healthy. There is summer from Febraury to May , and from June to September rainy season. Climate is cool and helpful for Kharif Crop. South-West Monsoons are active in the months of October and November causing rainfull and months of December and January fall in winter season. The maximum temperature is upto 42 centigrade in the months of April and May and minimum degree of 16 centigrade in some months.



Religious Harmony

Gadag has a very great name with regard to Religious harmony in the whole of india. The Veeranarayana temple of Vaishnava tradition ,Trikuteshwara temple of Shaiva tradition and Jumma Masjid of Islam have the common Trust for the administration and organizational purposes. This is a rare and only one example in the whole world. In similar way, Fakkireshwara Math od Shirahatti , Mouneshwara temple at Varavi are the very good examples of Hindu-Muslim religious harmony. The Tontadarya Math of Gadag has opened its door for all religions.

Towards Light

Being himself blind by birth Pandit Panchakshari Gawai has lighted life of many blind. The tradition is being continued by Pandit Puttaraja Gawai. Popularly known as Veerashwara Punyashrama which is led by Pandit Puttaraj Gawai gives shelter to the orphans and blinds providing food, clothing , protection and knowledge.  Tontadarya Math, Shivananda Math have contributed to the social , religious and educational fields a lot.


Land of Poets

Work-place of poet Kumaravyasa and birth place of poet Chamarasa is Gadag(Narayanapur). Durgasimha of Ron Taluka, Mallisena of Mulagunda , Balaleela Mahantha Shivayogi of Mulgund , Mukthayakka of Lakkundi, Aachanna of Laxmeshwara, most devoted poet Siddhamallarya and Danapriya Sridhara Acharya of Nargund belong to Gadag district.


The contribution of Gadag district is also much great to the modern literary world. Huilgola Narayana Rao, Alur Venkatarayaru , Shanthakavi,famous playwright of Sangya –Balya – Pattar Mastaru , poet S.S. Bhusanuramath , Channaveera Kanavi, Varadaraja Kulkarni , Somashekhara Imrapur , critic G. S. Amur, Giraddi Govindaraju, scholars Dr R.C. Hiremath,Dr M.S. Sunkapur, Basavaraj Shastri of Kodikoppa, B.V.Mallapur, Play-wrights Garuda Sadashivaraya, H.N.Hugar ,F.S. Bhandage,N.K. Kulkarni are the men of letters who carved their names in the modern literary field.

Sculpture and Painting


The old temples and monuments engraved in the style of Kalyana Chalukya , Hoysala, Vijayanagar are the precious possessions of Gadag district.

Veeranarayana temple, Trikuteshwar and Saraswati temples at Gadag, Surya temple, Kashi Vishweshwara temple and Brahma Jinalaya built by Dana Chintamani Attimabbe at Lakkundi ,Doddabasappa temple at Dambal,Veerabhadreshwara temple at Singatalur, Mallikarjuna temple at Sudi , Shankaranarayana temple at Sawadi invite the tourists for their architectural values.

The wall-paintings in the palace of Naragund Babasaheb are very beautiful.Alongside to the Chinchali on the hill at the south on a huge stone oil painting of Chaya Chandranath is of historical importance . Shri M.V. Chetti who is honoured with K. Venkatappa Prashasti is the proud artist of Gadag . Shri T.P.Akki and Shri C.N.Patil are also well-known artists of the district .


Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Puttaraja Gavayee


Internationally famous Hindustani vocalist Pandit Bhimasen Joshi is from Gadag. Many musicians from various parts of Karnataka are the disciples of Pandit Puttaraja Gawai.


Cricket star Sunil Joshi and Raju Bagade a Hockey players are also from Gadag.