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About Zilla Panchayath

Gadag Zilla Panchayat was constituted in 1997 as per the provision of Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act 1993, which implements decentralized planning and programme implementation at the grass root level. Gadag Zilla Panchayat has an elected body constituting of 24 elected members and MLAs, MLCs and MPs who are ex-office members of ZP, Administrative body constituting of administrative staff in different sections like administration, Development, Planning, Accounts etc.


  1. Planning, Finance and Audit sub-committee headed by the ZP Adyaksha
  2. General standing Sub-committee headed by ZP Upadyaksha
  3. Education and Health sub-committee
  4. Agriculture and industry Sub-committee
  5. Social Justice sub committee


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The Government appoints the Chief Executive Officer to carry out administration of Zilla Panchayat and also appoints Chief Accounts Officer, Chief Planning Officer and one or more Deputy Secretaries who work directly under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him, at Taluk Level Executive officers help CEO in implementing Taluk Level Programmes.



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Present incumbents


Deputy Secretary Zilla Panchayat Gadag



Project Director DRDA Zilla Panchayat Gadag



Chief Account officer, Zilla Panchayat, Gadag



Chief Planning officer,

Zilla Panchayat, Gadag



Sections and their Roles

  1. Administration Section
  2. Development Section
  3. Planning Section
  4. Council Section
  5. Accounts Section
  6. Project Director Section

Role of Administrative section

  1. Supervision of the administrative work of all departments coming under Zilla Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath office
  2. Administrative and general supervision of Zilla Panchayath activities
  3. Deputy Secretary works as Secretary of 2 standing sub-committees

Role of Development section

  1. Deals with all correspondence for RDPR programs and sends reports for RDPR schemes
  2. Implements rural drinking water supply
  3. Implements NREGA central scheme
  4. Role of Project Director Section:
  5. Implements SGSY, Rajiv Gandhi drinking water scheme, Swacha grama and IREP schemes
  6. Implements NRLM Scheme

Role of Planning Section

  1. The Chief Planning Officer heads the Planning Section and Council Section. This section
  2. Compiles the requirements of the plan amounts of Grama Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  3. Prepares the perspective plan of the Grama Panchayath,Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  4. Distributes the plan schemes grants released from the government to Zilla Panchayath among Zilla Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and Grama Panchayath
  5. Monitors the progress of implementation of plan schemes
  6. Prepares Taluk Panchayath Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath annual developmental plan
  7. Prepares the draft plan for Zilla Panchayath and urban local bodies for submission to the Finance Committee and general body meeting.
  8. Prepares the MMR for each Plan schemes
  9. Prepares the notes for monthly and quarterly KDP meetings
  10. Prepares the notes for review meeting of District-in-charge
  11. Prepares the guidelines, allotment and physical targets of the action plan
  12. Monitors the implementation of all housing schemes in the rural areas of the district
  13. Feeding and monitoring grama panchayati samanya mahiti
  14. Prepares the notes for District Planning Committee meeting
  15. District Planning Committee – Election
  16. Chief Planning Officer work as secretery of social justice sub – committee

Role of Council Section

  1. Preparation of agenda for the Zilla Panchayath general body meetings and special meetings
  2. Answer the questions of the ZP members
  3. Issue meeting notices
  4. Record meeting proceedings
  5. Take follow-up action on whatever points were taken up at the meetings
  6. Zilla Panchayath Sub – Committee Election

Role of the Accounts Section

  1. The Chief Accounts Officer is the financial head.
  2. The section prepares the budget of Zilla Panchayath
  3. Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual accounts
  4. Advises the CEO regarding financial transactions
  5. Monitors the repayment of loans, interest on loans from other departments
  6. Internal audit of Taluk Panchayath, Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayat
  7. Releases the amount from Zilla Panchayath to various implementing officers
  8. Chief Accounts Officer work as secretery of finance and audit sub – committee

Role of Project Director Section

  1. Implements SGSY, Rajiv Gandhi drinking water scheme, Swacha grama and IREP schemes
  2. Implements NRLM Scheme

Elected Body





ZP Members


Taluk Panchayat

The Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, 1993, specifies the constitution of Taluk Panchayat, functions, duties and powers of taluk panchayat adhyaksha and upadhyaksha. The Zilla Panchayat forms the apex institution at the district level. Each of the 7 taluks in Gadag district has the Taluk Panchayat, where again the members are directly elected from the people, and which has a similar administrative structure headed by the Executive Officer (EO).

  1. Construction and augmentation of water supply works to the level of not less than forty litres per capita per day
  2. Filing half yearly report regarding the activities of Grama Panchayats within the taluk regarding
    • Holding of Grama Sabha
    • Maintenance of Water supply works
    • Construction of individual and community latrine
    • Collection and revision of taxes, rates and fees
    • Payment of electricity charges
    • Enrollment in schools
    • Progress of immunization
  3. Providing adequate number of class rooms and maintaining primary school buildings in proper condition including water supply and sanitation
  4. Acquiring land for locating the manure pits away from dwelling houses in the villages
Contact details
SI.NO Taluk Name Designation Contact Number
1 GADAG H S Jinaga Executive Officer (I/c)  
2 GAJENDRAGAD Santosh Kumar Patil Executive Officer (I/c)  
3 LAXMESHWAR R Y Gurikar Executive Officer (I/c)  
4 MUNDARAGI S S Kalamani Executive Officer  
5 NARAGUND Chandrashekhar Kurtakoti Executive Officer (I/c)  
6 RON Santosh Kumar Patil Executive Officer (I/c)  
7 SHIRAHATTI N H Olekar Executive Officer(I/c)  

Gram Panchayat:

The Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, 1993, specifies the constitution of Gram Panchayat, functions, duties and powers of Gram panchayat adhyaksha and upadhyaksha. There are 122 Gram Panchayats in Gadag district where again the members are directly elected from the people, and which has a similar administrative structure headed by Panchayat Development Officer(PDO).

Functions of Gram Panchayat:

  1. The Gram Panchayat has to perform the following functions:
  2. Provide sanitary latrines to at least one-tenth of the households every year
  3. Construct and maintain sufficient community latrines for use by men and women
  4. Maintain water supply works on its own or through annual contract
  5. Revise and collect taxes, rates and fees at fixed periods
  6. Ensure enrolment of children in primary school
  7. Ensure immunization of children
  8. Confirm swift registration and report of births and deaths
  9. Provide sanction for proper drainage
  10. Construct, repair and maintain public streets
  11. Remove encroachments on public streets or public places
  12. Provide sufficient number of street lights
  13. Make payments for electricity charges on a regular basis
  14. Fill up sanitary depressions and reclaim unhealthy localities
  15. Capture and destroy rabid and ownerless dogs
  16. Maintain all community properties vested in it
  17. Maintain records related to population census, cattle census, crop census, census of unemployed people and people below poverty line
  18. Assign places away from the village dwelling areas for dumping manure and refuse


Total Gram Panchayats – 24
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Abbigeri  Shivanagouda Menasagi  
2 Amaragol Veeranna Mariguddi  
3 Asuti Manjunatha Gani  
4 Belavanaki V G Mariguddi  
5 Chikkamannur Lohit M  
6 D.S.Hadagali Suneel.G.Munavalli  
7 Hirehala Basappa S Dalawayi  
8 Holealur Basavaraj S Giritimmannavara  
9 Holemannur  Shivanagouda Menasagi  
10 Hosalli Shivakumar Dollin  
11 Hullur Channappa Imbrapur  
12 Hunagundi Riyaz K K  
13 Itagi Manjunath S Javoor  
14 Jakkali Shivayogappa S Ritti  
15 Kotbal Kalpana Kadagad  
16 Koujageri I F Bodlekhan  
17 Kuradagi Bharamappa Bachenahalli  
18 Kurahatti S.B.Kadabalakatti  
19 Madalageri Channappa Imrapur  
20 Mallapur Lohit M  
21 Maranabasari Shamashuddin R Sankanur  
22 Menasagi Manjunath Gani  
23 Savadi Anilkumar I Bevinamarad  
24 Yavagal Devaraddi Hanchinal  


Total Gram Panchayats – 19
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Alur Sanjay N Chavadal  
2 Bagewadi Anilgouda S Malagoudra  
3 Bidanala Basavaraj Talawar  
4 Bidarahalli Shashidhar M Hombal  
5 Dambal S.K.Kavadeli  
6 Doni Manjula D Hosamani  
7 Hallikeri Sanjay N Chavadal  
8 Hammigi Shahabuddin I Nadaf  
9 Harogeri Mahesh Allipura  
10 Hesarur N B Desai  
11 Hirewaddatti Basavaraj K Sajjanagoudar  
11 Hirewaddatti Basavaraj K Sajjanagoudar  
12 Jantli Shirura Shilpa Kavalur  
13 Kalakeri Manjula S Patil  
14 Korlahalli Shiddappa Hanamappa Dambal  
15 Mevundi Santhosha M H  
16 Muradi Shiddappa Yalavatti  
17 Shingalalur Anita Madalli  
18 Shivajinagar Vasant L Gokak  
19 Singatarayanakere Mahesh Kalasad  


Total Gram Panchayats – 13
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Banahatti M M Pujar  
2 Benakanakoppa Haranattti Sadashiva  
3 Bhiranahatti Shivayogi Kadadallimath  
4 Chikkanaragund Shainaj B Mujavar  
5 Hadli S D Hiremani  
6 Hirekoppa Hanamantappa K Aralikatti  
7 Hunsikatti V R Rayanagoudra  
8 Kanikikoppa Krishnamma S Hadimani  
9 Konnur Yallappagouda B Sankanagoudra  
10 Raddernagnur Ishwargouda Ptil  
11 Shirol Y.B.Sankanagoudra  
12 Surkod Shivanand S Uppar  
13 Vasan Mallappa Andanappa Wali  


Total Gram Panchayats – 27
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Advisomapur Preema Hatti  
2 Antur H S Chatri  
3 Asundi Shashidhar Shivappa Kapparad  
4 Balaganur Smt Ashwini M Kuradagi  
5 Beladadi B S Manchagal  
6 Belhod Latha L Mane  
7 Binkadakatti Rahamatbanu M Kirsur  
8 Chikkandigol S.Y. Kumbar  
9 Chinchali S S Tondihal  
10 Elishirur Sri G B Kilabanavar  
11 Harlapur Manjula Barker  
12 Harti Smt.Shivaleela.S.Angadi  
13 Hatalgeri S S Nayak  
14 Hombal Channappa N Madivalar  
15 Huilgol Vasudev Basappa Pujar  
16 Hulkoti Franklin Muttalgeri  
17 Kadadi Jyoti B Gudugoor  
18 Kalasapur Shrividya K  
19 Kanaginahal S S Hunagund  
20 Kotumachagi Rajkumar H B  
21 Kurtakoti K L Pujar  
22 Lakkundi Mahesh Kalasad  
23 Lingadal Suvarna Kavalur  
24 Nagavi Sri Rudrappa Bhavi  
25 Neeralagi Shankragouda B T  
26 Soratur Malatesh S Mevundi  
27 Timmapur S P Pattar  


Total Gram Panchayats – 11
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Gogeri Haranabasappa B Naregal  
2 Gulaguli Mallikarjun B Sobagin  
3 Halakeri Mailaralingappa S Jangannavar  
4 Kuntogi Veerappa Yankappa Waddar  
5 Lakkalakatti Nadaf Fakruddin Imamsab  
6 Mushigeri Sangappa Shivamallappa Vyapari  
7 Nidagundi Bheemappa Parasappa Olekar  
8 Rajuru Basayya Ningayya Itagimath  
9 Ramapur Sharanabasappa B Naregal  
10 Shantageri Basappa S Dalawayi  
11 Sudi B.N.Itagimath  



Total Gram Panchayats – 14
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Bannikoppa Suresh Noorappa Lamani  
2 Bellatti Shree Suresh Kalloddar  
3 Chabbi Bharti Mudhol  
4 Hebbal Sanjeevakumar S Patil  
5 Itigi Krishnamahesh Choudappa Kadur  
6 Kadkol Sujata T Kappali  
7 Koganur B D Sugnalli  
8 Konchigeri Sounsi Basavaraj  
9 Machanahalli Sharanappa Gollar  
10 Magadi Ameerahamajansab H Nayak  
11 Majjooru H S Malekoppa  
12 Ranatur B B Talawar  
13 Tarikoppa Ramesh Mangleppa Lamani  
14 Vadavi Shivanandappa K Baligar  


Total Gram Panchayats – 14
SI.NO Gram Panchayat Name Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) Name Contact Number
1 Adarahalli D D Handiganur  
2 Adarakatti Savitha R Somannavar  
3 Balehosur Shekhargouda Vadakanagoudra  
4 Battur M R Madar  
5 Doddur S.K.Wali  
6 Gojanur Shivanand Fakkeerappa Malawad  
8 Hullura Shekharagoud Vadakanagoudr  
9 Madalli Manjunath Mallur  
10 P-Badni M R Madar  
11 Ramgiri Jagadeesh Ramanna Kurabar  
12 Shigli Biresh T Ammanavar  
13 Suranagi Santoshkumar Meti  
14 Yalavatti Praveen H Gonemmanavar  
Line Departments Contact Information
Sl.No Department Name Officer Name
1 Health & Family Welfare Dept
2 Adult Education
3 Agriculture 08372-235443
4 Animal Husbandry
5 Ayush
6 Co-Operation 08372-239633
7 Devaraj Aras Dept
8 Dr B R Ambedkar Dept 08372-239557
9 Education
10 Fisheries
11 Forestry
12 Hescom Dept Gadag
13 Horticulture 08372-233015
14 Industries 08372-231298
15 Kannada and Culture 08372-221864
16 Khagra( Javali) 08372-218649
17 KRIDL 0836-2779518
18 KSRTC-Dept 08372-236364
19 Labour Dept
20 Lead Bank
21 Library Dept 08372-220919
22 Mines and Geology dept 08372-233017
23 Minor Irrigation (PRED) 08372-220236
24 Nirmithi Kendra
25 VPMGSY Dept
27 PWD
28 Roads and Bridges (PRED)
29 RTO 08372-237072
30 Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
31 Sericulture 08372-220555
32 Social Forestry
33 Sports and Youth Service
34 Tourism dept
35 Village and Small-Scale Industries 08372-220506
36 Welfare of Minority
37 Welfare of Other Backward Classes
38 Welfare of Scheduled Caste-Tribes 08372-237414
39 Women and Child Welfade 08372-220448


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