Excise Department in Karnataka came into existence during the year 1968 after relaxation of prohibition in Karnataka State. The scope of the State Excise Administration covers commodities such as Spirit, Indian Made Liquor, Beer, Medicinal and Toilet preparations etc., The objectives of the department can be summed up as ensuring public health through regulated procurement of raw-materials, manufacture of various commodities by use of these raw-materials, their storage and distribution. These regulations ensure proper flow of revenues to the State exchequer. Thus, the Excise Department in Karnataka is the second largest revenue-earning department in the state functioning under the administrative control of the Finance Department.


Optimization of Excise Revenue while preventing the use of unsafe liquor and ensure informed consumption in hygienic conditions.


Implementing State Excise policies and procedures by regulating manufacture, transport, possession, sale and other activities of the trade in spirit, spirituous preparations, potable liquor and other intoxicants, and monitoring collection of associated taxes.


We shall carry out our tasks with diligence as one of the main objectives of the Excise department is to curb sale, transport and manufacture of spurious/illicit liquor by up stepping enforcement activities like mass raids, surprise inspections conducted at regular intervals and by ensuring effective implementation of excise polices in order to curtail such illegal activities. We commit to ensure increase in the revenue of the state exchequer by collecting duties levied at various levels, by courtesy and understanding, by objectivity and transparency, and by promptness and efficiency.


  • Generate optimal revenue for the State exchequer.
  • Regulate manufacture, transport, possession and sale of all excisable articles.
  • Effective enforcement and inspection to control crime.
  • Impart training for better efficiency and formulate e-governance initiatives.


Contact Details

Head Office

Office of Commissioner of Excise,
2nd Floor TTMC Building,
“A” Block BMTC Shantinagar
Tel: 080-22220302

District Office

Office of Deputy Commissioner of Excise,
#104, Gadag Dist. District administrative Building
Hubli Road
Gadag – 582103
Tel: 08372-221129