It is a proud matter to see many ancient architectures in every nook and corner of India. That shows the talent and knowledge our ancestors had which serves as an excellent example to this day. Lakkundi is a blessing in disguise for those who love to explore historical sites. Lohigundi which later became Lokki Gundi is now Lakkundi! Every sculpture, pillar and temple have a tale to tell which is exciting to know. Around 50 temples, 101 step wells and 29 inscriptions preserved in this serene village depicts the importance of this place.

Kasivisvesvara Temple :
One of the famous temple of Lakkundi is Kashi Vishwashwara temple. The temple is Dwikuta having two garbhagrihas, two ardhamantapas and navarangas. On a heightened panipeetha is Shivalinga. Door of the garbhagriha is decorated with carvings and on both sides of the entrance, musicians, dancers and Shilabalikas statues are carved. A statue of Narataja with man’s skeleton is very interesting to watch. On the East and south of navaranga decorated entrance gates are there. In the middle of the navaranga four pillers are there and on them shiva purana stories are carved. On other walls also Shivapurana stories and dancing poses of Nataraja and statues of Madanika are carved.

Quick facts about Kasivivesvara Temple :

Timings : 8 AM to 5 PM except on Friday
Best time to visit : May
Festival : The Lakkundi festival which is an annual festival held in May every year.

Nanneshwar Temple :
Nanneshwara temple consists of Garbhagraha, half mantapa, navaranga and in the front open mukhamantapa. Shivalinga is installed in the Garbhagraha and at East and South of navaranga there are two entrance gates. The pillers in the navaranga are smooth and glassy in which we can see our reflection. On outer walls are Koshta Panjaras. Main entrance gate of the navaranga has lot of carvings.