Trikuteshwar Temple, Gadag

The Trikuteshwara Temple is a beautiful Shiva Temple in Gadag town, Gadag district in North Karnataka. Gadag is famous for its ancient temples mostly constructed during the Kalyani Chalukya period. Gadag has other famous temples like the Veera Narayana temple and the dilapidated but still attractive Someshwara temple.

Trikuteshwara Temple – Architecture

This temple was built around 1050 to 1200, during the reign of the Western Chalukyas. It was designed and built by the acclaimed architect Jakanachari. The main shrine has three Shiva Lingas representing the Trimurthis Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. The other shrine is dedicated to the Goddess of Learning, Saraswathi. Decoratively carved walls and pillars, wall panels with beautifully sculpted figures, and stonework screens make this temple very attractive.

The main shrine has the three Lingas representing the Trinity on a single base. Pujas are still offered here. Sadly, the Saraswathi idol has been damaged at some period by vandals and so it is not used. Even while broken, the statue is still remarkable and leaves you wondering how beautiful it would have looked when whole. In an adjacent temple, there are three shrines dedicated to Saraswathi, Gayathri and Sharada.

How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest airport to Gadag is the Hubli airport, located about 57 km away. The next one is the Sambre Airport at Belgaum, which is approximately 128 km away. However, you should keep in mind that there are no regular flights to Gadag from other major cities of the country.

By Train

This is a better option to arrive straight to Gadag. The Balganur, Kangihai and Gadag Junction Railway Stations all interconnect very well with other cities in the state. If you are from outside Karnataka, you should be able to find overnight trains to Gadag from Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad.

By Road

If you want to travel to various places within Gadag, then your best option will be to take a bus. The region is a high traffic area. As such, you will have no problem in finding bus s that take you to any of the famous locations in the region. If you are traveling in a car, make sure you have the destinations mapped out. Since the interior locations may be sparsely populated, it can be quite troublesome if you have not done proper research and accurately pinpointed the route to the place you wish to visit.